Modeling Headshot picture of Brandon Leighe

One of my Modeling Headshots from a few years back. Courtesy of Tiffany Talent.

MidKnightCreativity is the brainchild of African-American aspiring filmmaker, writer and storyteller, Brandon Leighe. Growing up walking the line between two cultures, Brandon Leighe understands the pain of having to endure seeing constant stereotypical depictions of his race and culture as overly aggressive, misogynistic, silly and child-like in the mainstream media. It has become his mission to offer alternative storytelling to young African-Americans nationwide and assisting other marginalized groups in changing their stereotypical depictions in the media as well.

While currently enrolled at the Art Institute of Seattle and working towards a bachelor’s degree in Digital Filmmaking, Brandon Leighe intends to build the MidKnightCreativity website into a community hub of African-American support that exchanges film industry knowledge, ideas, personal stories, positive encouragement and professional connections that can span across all marginalized groups.


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  1. Rachael Charmley said:

    I wish you all the best in your new blog. 🙂