Pathway at Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle, WA/ Photographer: Brandon Leighe Bunche (c) 2013

Pathway at Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle, WA/ Photographer: Brandon Leighe Bunche (c) 2013

This year has been a whirlwind for me. A moment in my life where I feel things are turning around. I realize it’s been a long while since I last posted here, but some life roadblocks have forced me to take a step back and re-evaluate my perspective. The amazing thing, to me, is that my core values and desires have actually been strengthened; largely due to recent national events like the situation in Ferguson, MO.

Writing and Film will always be my core passions, something that I hope to do long into my elderly years. However, it’s now become more clear to me that a deep-seated urge, to change how people of color are represented in the media, has surfaced and engulfed my thoughts. The more books I read by African-American authors; blogs, video and talks that I see from present day activists of color just fuel my passion to try to make a change.

So, this is where I stand now, with a passion for storytelling and a belly deep, fire-fueled urged to make a difference. One of the recurring thoughts I have when going to the movies is the longing to be able to relate to the characters on-screen; especially African-American characters that remain steeped in stereotypes and in turn push me further away from getting into the story. I’ve never lived in the ghetto, my knowledge of history and current events make it hard for me to buy into the supposed “universal values” that white storytellers try to imbue in all their characters. A radical shift is needed to shake our whole society out of this tacit acceptance of mediocrity in commercial fiction, so that we can explore deeper the complexities that we humans face daily.

I believe every child should have access to media images that show their race/culture in a positive light.

This is one of my center goals in my life now, and it has energized me. You’ll see a bit of a change here in this blog as this becomes more of my focus. I’ll still share writing, film and social justice work, articles and information here.

Stay tuned this ride is about to get real interesting.