Hello folks,

I have a bit of house cleaning first.

I’m sure those of you that have peeked in every now and then have seen my blog change constantly, this is because I’m still working out the bugs on my blog design and just how to work with WordPress. As I get more into the nuts and bolts of WordPress, I’ll be able to customize this blog to my liking and to a better efficiency for you folks.

Currently, in the navigation bar above you’ll see that I have three pages. One is my home page, which is where my blog is housed. The second, is an about page that explains what the blog is about now and what I hope it will grow  to be in the future. Third, is the contact page which is a way for you to contact me for just about any type of inquiry you’d like. Just give me a few general details on your end so I can know who I’m talking to and then we’re all set.

Now we’ll move to today’s events.

It’s currently 6 ‘O’clock in the morning, and I’m up thinking about my blog; where it is and where I want it to go in the future. As I’ve mentioned in the “About” page, this blog is targeted to subjects about writing, movies, television and African-American culture and issues. My intent is to try to make this blog a central hub for those subjects. One of the ways I feel I can do that is by linking to various bits of information on the web that I find from friends and colleagues. I’ll look to do this most days of the week, between my school schedule.

To start out, I’ll focus on three posts during the week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday and here is what my plans are so far.

For the beginning of the week, I’ll start with a “Positive Monday” post where I’ll write about and/or share a positive quote, affirmation or thought that I’ve had or come across while out in daily life.

I am also thinking of a “Writer’s Wednesday”,  this will be a post that I dedicate to showcasing a piece of writing that I’ve done; review a book that I’ve recently read, or share some industry news that I’ve heard about.

Finally, a “Friday Movie/TV Review” post is where I will talk about –or review- recent movies or television shows that I’ve seen during the week but I’d like to do those from the point of view of a film school student and from someone looking into the cultural impact and/or message being put out by shows.

Hope you enjoy the blog!