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Signal Boosting from Jessica Marie Johnson at Africandiasporaphd.com; who reblogged this from the original entry posted by Jennifer Larson at Documenting The American South from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Library. It’s history like this that African Americans really need to pay attention to. Not just because it’s about black history, but because it provides connections and deeper context to other important dates that are taught in traditional American Schools. Information like this, should raise questions in African-American’s minds as to what else happened and is it STILL happening today.


Jones, Thomas H. The Experience of Thomas Jones, Who Was a Slave for Forty-Three Years. New Bedford, CT: E. Anthony & Sons, Printers, 1885.

Jennifer Larson highlights African American History Across North Carolina in a timeline annotated with material from the digital collection DocSouth: Documenting the American South:

North Carolina’s African American heritage is rich and diverse. In slavery and in freedom, black residents

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