For so long,

I’ve protected you.

Held up the mask of

who you thought you knew.

Fearful you would not

understand what’s inside,

cast an accusational stone

of betrayal and lies.

Now I stand

at the edge of an abyss.

Still gripping the mask yet

staring down into darkness.

The gust of your words

pushing me forward.

The urge to release the mask

growing stalwart.

Yet, I hesitate,

unsure of your resolve,

your constitution,

to bear me unmasked.

My feet burrow into the ground

bracing into your tornado.

Still, I contemplate,

A life in the abyss;

sans mask

in glistening new skin.

A promise of a bright new world,

new adventures,

with you nowhere in sight.

The urge inside

now an unbearable itch.

Fingernails lacerate my skin

a scarecrow’s stitch.

Pain soon numbs as my

scratches shear skin.

Blood streams,

the mask I’ve shed

reveals what slept within.

The dragon stands before you,

a metaphor for wisdom,



the pursuit of virtue.

Through unmasked eyes

the world now lucid.

The horror in your eyes,

to me, now vapid.

On the edge of this cliff,

memories of your words

strum steady riffs.

For so long,

i’ve held back,


Fearful of what I could be.

Now I turn,

spread my wings.

Willing to follow,

to endure,

adventures this new path brings.

© 2011 MidknightCreativity253